We’re Recording Again!

Hi friends!

We’re recording again! And this time we’re doing it on our own. We wanted to have more time to try new things and experiment with sounds, so we decided the best way to do that was to record and mix our next record ourselves! And we want to share the adventure with you, so we’ll be posting updates here throughout the recording process.

After having spent the last week setting up and building frames for acoustic panels, we’re finally ready to go! It took some experimenting with different things to make it work, but we finally have a setup we’re happy with.


Luckily Paul has a few carpentry skills since renovating his house in Hillsburn, so he was able to design the frames and put us to work building them. This part of the process might have taken a bit longer otherwise!

Building Frames

After getting the panels up and the drums set and ready to go, Clare was able to start recording her percussion parts! And we’re off!


clare-recording-percussion (Video)

Your pals,